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In a recent interview, Benni was asked a few questions about her new single, Gotta Get Out. Here are her answers to some of these questions:

1. What inspires you to sing?

I think music is a really powerful way to get a message across to kids, so the message in the song is the most important thing to me.

2. Tell us about the new single that you're releasing. How did it all come about?

A friend of mine is a songwriter and one day we were talking about my anti-bullying presentations and I told him that so many kids from the small towns that I visited said that they felt like they would never get to go to big cities and do big things. He told me that’s what he felt when he was growing up in a small town in Michigan and that he had written a song about it. Once I heard the song, I immediately loved it and so we decided that I would record it..

3. Who produced the song and directed the music video?

It was basically the same team that helped me make "Can You See Me Now." The music producer was Sanctum Sound (thank you Leo and Steve!). The music video was directed by the amazingly talented, Nick Spanos, whom I love to pieces! The only change is that we produced the music video ourselves in order to save money... otherwise it would have cost a fortune to travel with a whole production crew!

4. Why didn't you just use a green screen?

We went back and forth on this issue, but ultimately, it was left up to me and I made the decision against a green screen. And I'll tell you why: "Gotta Get Out” is about hope. It’s about believing in yourself and not giving up on your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they might seem. In the music video, I play a girl who knows that she can be more than what she is expected to be. She dreams of travelling to big cities, like New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Using a green screen and trying to fake everyone out would have been like saying, "jk, you can't really make your dreams come true." It just felt disingenuous.

5. Why did you decide to donate your profits to charity and how did you pick the charity?

The only reason I do music is to deliver a message of hope to kids that might be struggling with something. But I'm not just passionate about singing the song and raising awareness. I'm also passionate about making a real difference. I pick the charities that are most relevant to what the song is about and that can provide the resources to really help. So, for "Gotta Get Out," I chose to donate the profits to an amazing organization called "Children of the Night."

Children of the Night is dedicated to rescuing children from the streets and providing resources to teens who are forced to live outside their homes.  title=

Behind the Scenes

Here are some fun clips filmed during of the making of the Gotta Get Out music video.